Russell Brand, Jennifer Garner and Helen Mirren in the Arthur trailer

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Russell Brand is Arthur Bach, a spoiled playboy who stands to inherit billions of dollars if he’ll marry Susan Johnson (Jennifer Garner), the woman his family has chosen as an appropriate partner. He decides that he will do no such thing and defies his family and nanny (Helen Mirren) in order to be with the woman he loves. Sounds like it could be an ok plot, right?  Hard to tell with this trailer that has just been released for ARTHUR. Russell Brand is whiny and obnoxious to the nth degree and why is Helen Mirren doing this movie? Where is Greta Gerwig who is his love interest, is she so insignificant to the plot that she doesn’t even make the cut to be in the trailer. Take a look for yourselves dear readers, and ask yourself “What this movie really worth remaking?”

Russell Brand and Helen Mirren in Arthur

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