Russell Brand set to star in The Hauntrepreneur

Russell Brand

It seems you can’t listen to a radio, read the news or turn on a TV without hearing about the ongoing divorce between Russell Brand and Katy Perry.  But when the British comedian isn’t busy divorcing beautiful pop stars, he’s trying to build a film career (albeit, not with a ton of success).  Next up for Brand is the lead role in the family friendly film THE HAUNTREPRENEUR.  If the title of the film isn’t enough to throw you off completely, then the synopsis surely will as it follows a family that hires a “hauntrepreneur” to build them a haunted house in their neighborhood.

The script is from Scott Rosenberg, who also wrote the underrated HIGH FIDELITY, but is also responsible for GONE IN 60 SECONDS and CON AIR, so don’t get too excited.  The film will be set up at Paramount, although no start date has been set yet.

Source: Variety

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

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