Russell Brand to star in Rentaghost

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Ever popular British actor Russell Brand is set to star in the film RENTAGHOST which is based on a British television comedy of the same name.  The film follows Brand’s character shortly after he dies and he decides that since he was such a bum while he was alive, he should make something of himself while he is deceased. So he sets up a business, probably called “Rentaghost”, which is a temp agency for ghosts where they go and haunt the living. The film is still in the writing phase so no word on when it will begin filming.

Russell Brand is slowly growing on me as a comedian/actor and this film seems very conducive to his style of comedy and has some potential to be pretty hilarious.  I don’t see “blockbuster” status in it’s future, but it will probably do fairly well, especially if he gets a good cast around him and some decent cameos.

russell brand

Source: Deadline

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