Russell Brand wants to give directing a shot

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Over the last couple of years Russell Brand has turned into one of the highest grossing comedians in Hollywood. With hits like GET HIM TO THE GREEK and FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL and now with HOP and ARTHUR coming out next week, it’s no surprise that he wants to make that natural progression that most actors take- which is to step behind the camera. It’s been reported that he’s looking at two potential comedies he wants to put his mark on. The first is about an English footballer who finds himself stranded in Texas and to get by he takes a job at a local high school as a soccer coach and tries to make the players appreciate the sport. The other film has been linked with Adam Sandler’s production company and follows a con-man who poses as a priest. Of course neither of these films are anywhere close to being in the works and it has yet to be determined whether or not any studio wants to give Russell Brand a shot behind the camera, but stranger things have happened.

Russell Brand’s latest film HOP opened in theaters this weekend and grossed around $38 million.

Russell Brand

Source:The Canadian Press

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