Russell Crowe may replace Javier Bardem in The Dark Tower project

Russell Crowe

Over a year ago the adaptation of the Stephen King novels THE DARK TOWER was all the rage as director Ron Howard was planning on making the novels into a multi-platform project that spanned three films, two television seasons, video games and even graphic novels. You may remember that Universal dropped the project because it was just too much. Well, Ron Howard and co-producer Brian Grazer never gave up hope and continued to approach studios to take on the project and even got screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to take another crack at the script. Looks like they have lined up HBO to take on the television portion and Warner Bros. may take on the films. All great and good but the major change is that Russell Crowe may be taking over the lead role of Roland Deschain instead of Javier Bardem. That’s not concrete just yet but Russell Crowe and Ron Howard have worked together in the past (CINDERELLA MAN and A BEAUTIFUL MIND) so it would make sense.

Whatever happens on the actor front it’ll be more interesting to see how THE DARK TOWER comes together as a whole. It’s quite a task to tell a story that spans three feature length films as well as two seasons on television. Hopefully Warner Bros. will take a chance and we’ll get to see THE DARK TOWER in the next couple of years. (Deadline)

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