Russell Crowe to join RZA in The Man with the Iron Fist

Posted by: Nathan Swank

Oscar winning actor Russell Crowe will be joining THE MAN WITH THE IRON FIST. Hip-hop artist and Wu-Tang Clan founder RZA will be writing, directing and acting in the Kung Fu flick. He began developing the project about five years ago with the help of Quentin Tarantino (who he collaborated with in KILL BILL) and Eli Roth (who is cowriting and coproducing). I think this is a wise collaboration for Crowe who recently seems to have taken a step backwards in his work. RZA has a passion for Kung Fu, which leads me to believe this will be a fun picture. The two worked together in Ridley Scott’s AMERICAN GANGSTER and once again in the upcoming THE NEXT THREE DAYS by Paul Haggis.

THE MAN WITH THE IRON FIST will see RZA as a weapons-making village blacksmith in feudal China. Russell Crowe’s part is still untold but RZA promises he will definitely be in fighting shape and says, “Russell’s gonna be the baddest man alive.”


Source: E! Online

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