Ryan Gosling adds Saoirse Ronan to the cast of How to Catch a Monster

Saoirse Ronan

We went a while without hearing anything about Ryan Gosling‘s directorial effort and in the past few days, we’ve gotten all kinds of tidbits.  It started with the news that Eva Mendes was joining her boyfriend’s, Ryan Gosling, project, then we got word that ‘Doctor Who’ star Matt Smith was going to play the lead and now we learn of another talented actor joining the cast.  Saoirse Ronan is the latest top join the cast, but it’s unclear what role she’ll be playing.

In fact, it’s unclear what anyone will be playing.  What we know about the film is that it follows a single mother who gets swept up in a dark underworld and her teenage son that discovers an underwater town.  The cast right now includes Christina Hendricks, Ben Mendelsohn, Rob Zabrecky, Eva Mendes, Matt Smith and now Saoirse Ronan.  We can presume that Hendricks is the mother and we know Mendes will be playing a key role at a club, but other than than, it’s unclear.  HOW TO CATCH A MONSTER starts shooting in Detroit this Spring, so we should see what Ryan Gosling can do behind the camera some time next year. (ScreenDaily)

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