Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone being sought for Focus

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

We here at Flix66.com can’t get enough Ryan Gosling and anytime he’s being eyed or a role, or considering taking a role, it’s important news to us.  Ryan Gosling has several movies in the pipeline that we’re eagerly anticipating, including a reteaming with Nicolas Winding Refn in ONLY GOD FORGIVES, the drama THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES WITH Bradley Cooper, THE GANGSTER SQUAD and LAWLESS with director Terrence Malick.  Any one of those films on an actor’s upcoming slate would be impressive.  Like him or not, Ryan Gosling picks great films and so it’s no surprise that writers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa want Gosling to join their romantic comedy FOCUS.

And since they’re going for the hottest young male lead, they might as well go after the hottest young female lead in Emma Stone.  Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone appeared together in last summer’s CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE to wonderful results and are reteaming again in THE GANGSTER SQUAD, so if they both sign on to FOCUS, it would be their third time starring together.  FOCUS is about a conman (Ryan Gosling) that gets romantically involved with a newcomer (Emma Stone) to the game, but their illegal profession makes things difficult.  Then they meet up years later and their former relationship has a lasting impact.

At this point, it’s way too early in the process to get too excited.  Both Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are quite busy these days and Ficarra and Requa have several projects lined up as well.  But the good sign is that the film belongs to Warner Bros., who is responsible for both Gosling/Stone films and they seem eager to put the duo back together.  The other good sign is that the premise looks simple enough, so this could be a quick shoot for Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. (Deadline)

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