Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams in the You And Me music video from Blue Valentine

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Since this is a movie website and not a music website, we rarely (if ever) post anything that has to do with music, even music videos. However, this video of “You And Me” from BLUE VALENTINE has a really interesting story, plus it features clips of Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams from the movie, so bonus. Turns out that this song was recorded by an obscure group called Penny and the Quarters from Columbus, Ohio and was pretty much forgotten until it was picked up at an estate sale by a record company. Director Derek Cianfrance asked Ryan Gosling to pick out a song for his on-screen wife (Michelle Williams), and Gosling was so attracted by the “haunting beauty” of the song that he chose it and gave it to Michelle Williams under the guise of Dean giving it to Cindy. Since Penny and the Quarter have long since broken up, they had to be tracked down by the studio because this song and the entire soundtrack to BLUE VALENTINE has been quite a hit.

Kind of a cool story and a good song to boot. Check out the video below.

Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine

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