Ryan Gosling and Sean Penn in new images from Gangster Squad

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in Gangster Squad

One of the more anticipated films here at Flix66.com is the period action film GANGSTER SQUAD starring the debonair Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn and Emma Stone. A couple of weeks ago we saw the trailer for the film and were quite surprised that it looked more like an all out action movie versus the period drama we were expecting. That’s not necessarily bad and quite honestly an action film runs more along my taste for gangster films, sometimes there’s just too much drama surrounding those gangsters as opposed to all out gun fights. I wish I could say that these new images of Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Sean Penn were something a little more fresh, but it looks like they were pulled straight from the trailer. No worries though, we still have a lot more time to see promotional photos from GANGSTER SQUAD.

GANGSTER SQUAD is about a group of LAPD cops (Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin)  who form a team to take down the ruthless Los Angeles mob king Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn).  But they have to go against the system since Cohen is protected by the many cops he has on his payroll.  That means that everyone that joins his gangster squad has a price-tag on their head and will be alienated for turning against their peers. GANGSTER SQUAD is actually based loosely on true events which is always fun to watch.

GANGSTER SQUAD stars Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Robert Patrick, Anthony Mackie, Michael Pena, Sean Penn, Emma Stone, Nick Nolte, Giovanni Ribisi, Holt McCallany, Frank Grillo, Mirielle Enos and Troy Garity.  The Reuben Fleischer directed film has gone through a series of release date changes but it looks like the film will land in theaters on September 7, 2012. For those Ryan Gosling fans out there, that’s three films he’ll be in this year, the other two being THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES and ONLY GOD FORGIVES. Ryan Gosling is a busy guy. (HeyUGuys)

Sean Penn in Gangster Squad

Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad

Dennis Quaid in Gangster Squad

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