Ryan Gosling's Gangster Squad is officially moved to January

Ryan Gosling in a new Gangster Squad banner

There’s a scene in the upcoming mob film GANGSTER SQUAD where a group of men go on a murderous rampage and one scene within that rampage features the men standing behind a screen in a movie theater and firing on the audience.  Up until a few days ago, most Americans wouldn’t have thought twice about it, but after the tragedy in Colorado, everyone is starting to second guess any type of violence in a theater.  In this weekend’s STEP UP: REVOLUTION, there’s a scene where the dancers break into a party and threaten the guests with gas masks and smoke grenades.  Unfortunately for Summit, their film hits theaters in a couple of days, making it too late to amend the scene in question.

However, Warner Bros. has plenty of time to fix the scene in GANGSTER SQUAD and after much deliberation, they’ve decided to do just that.  Not only will they re-shoot the scene, but they’ve moved the release date to January 11th, 2013, which is four months after its originally scheduled release of September 7th, 2012.  There’s no word yet as to how much they’ll re-shoot and whether stars Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin and Sean Penn will have to participate, but I’m sure whatever they decide to do, it won’t take place in a theater.

I’m on the fence about this move from Warner Bros.  I don’t mind pushing the release date back to January, but I feel like changing the film does more to the killer than it does to the victims.  But on the other hand, showing a movie where people get massacred in a theater a mere two months after it happened in real life is a tough pill to swallow, especially since it’s from the same studio that released THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.  What do you think?  Are they making the right move, or should they have left the scene as-is? (Deadline)

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