Ryan Gosling's top ten movie performances…so far

By Nathan Swank

Picking Ryan Gosling’s best performance in a film is like choosing your favorite child… It’s always the most recent one.  Since Gosling is nothing less than amazing in every film no matter how good or bad the movie is, I’m going to order 10 of his best films by year.  By his own excelling standards, I am eagerly awaiting the release of his 3rd film from 2011, THE IDES OF MARCH directed by George Clooney.  So sit back and enjoy as you see the growth and glory from my personal man crush, Ryan Gosling.

REMEMBER THE TITANS (2000):  Following the first race integrated high school football team, this feel good sports film starring Denzel Washington is Gosling’s first feature.  His part is small but he oozes charisma as a goofy white country boy that can’t dance.

Ryan Gosling in Remember The Titans

THE BELIEVER (2001) Far from his Disney days on the Mickey Mouse Club, Gosling’s next picture is an indie film about a young Jewish anti-sematic who struggles with his identity.  Full of hate and self-loathing, Gosling already proves he will be a force in Hollywood.  This underrated and unseen film will definitely make you think with a haunting final scene that still sticks with me to this day. I highly recommend it.

MURDER BY NUMBERS (2002) This is the film that started to get audiences, critics and Hollywood turning their heads.  Staring opposite Sandra Bullock, who he won over on and off the screen, Gosling has controlled confidence as one of two teenagers who are the prime suspects to a murder.

THE NOTEBOOK  (2004) Leave it to millions of women to make the guy with puppy dog eyes a superstar.  THE NOTEBOOK is a modern classic of romantic dramas and Gosling plays Noah, the bad boy with a heart of gold longing who is fully committed to the woman he loves (Rachel McAdams), to perfection.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook

HALF NELSON  (2006) Stepping back out of the spotlight, Gosling chose this independent film that honored him with his first, but I’m sure not last, Academy Award Nomination.  As a troubled drug addicted teacher trying to make a difference in his student’s lives, the actor manages to make you simultaneously disgusted and sympathize with his character.

Ryan Gosling in Half Nelson

FRACTURE  (2007) With a slight deviation from his indie cred, Gosling accepts a bigger paycheck and does one for the studio.  The film might be forgettable but as an attorney trying to prove another man’s guilt, it’s still decently entertaining giving him the opportunity to play opposite Anthony Hopkins.

LARS AND THE REAL GIRL  (2007) A wonderfully sweet and quirky film about an introverted young man who believes he is in love with a lifelike doll.  The way the town supports and helps this troubled young soul will make you believe in the goodness of humanity.

BLUE VALENTINE  (2010) Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling star in a film paralleling the sweet beginnings of love and then years later to the heartbreaking brutal separation.  Gosling immerses himself as a balding out of shape sad man fighting for the scraps of what is left of his marriage.

CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE (2011) Male or Female, I’m not sure how you cannot fall in love with Mr. Gosling after seeing this contagiously fun loving picture.   As a womanizer who unlocks a secret sensitive side and “photo shopped abs” he’s not only funny but his wardrobe is flawless.  Plus the film stars Steve Carell, Julianne Moore and the adorable, magnetic Emma Stone. 

Ryan Gosling in Drive

DRIVE  (2011) As a nameless getaway driver, Gosling tackles more of a sophisticated action hero.  Gosling knows how to pick roles and excels in indie flicks and this is no different.  Thanks to some great direction by Nicolas Winding Refn this could quite possibly be his best film to date.

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