Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington coming back for Safe House 2?

Ryan Reynolds in Safe House

In February Universal Studios released an action/crime thriller starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington called SAFE HOUSE (click the link to read the review), though it wasn’t anything terribly original or thrilling for this writer, the studio has decided that it was a safe enough bet to move forward with a sequel. So right now screenwriter David Guggenheim is hard at work on a script for SAFE HOUSE 2 which may or may not bring back Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington. For the record the studio wants both actors to return for the film even though one of them met their demise at the end of the first film. SAFE HOUSE was directed by Daniel Espinosa and though he did well enough at the helm to bring in over $202 million at the box office, there’s also no word on whether or not he’ll return to take on the sequel.

In case you missed it the first go around, SAFE HOUSE follows a green CIA agent (Ryan Reynolds) who is stuck guarding a rarely used safe house in South Africa. When a fugitive (Denzel Washington) is brought to the safe house and chaos erupts, Ryan Reynolds character must take charge to protect the fugitive from bad guys and they have to go on the run. As news about the sequel surfaces we’ll be sure to pass it along. (THR)

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