Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman in another trailer for The Change-Up

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

A while ago, we saw the first red band trailer for the R-rated comedy THE CHANGE-UP, starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman.  Although the premise has been done to death, the trailer sparked a few chuckles here and there.  Now we get our first “PG” trailer and I think we just took a nosedive in quality.  Similar to this weekend’s BRIDESMAIDS, this is the kind of comedy that generates most of its laughs from the R-rated content and having a PG trailer just doesn’t work.  So if you’re of age and you want to see a better trailer for THE CHANGE-UP, click the link.  Otherwise, check out the trailer below, which does have a few more clips from the upcoming comedy.

The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde and is directed by David Dobkin.  It hits theaters everywhere on August 5th.

Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds in The Change-Up

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