Ryan Reynolds And Jon Favreau are looking to team for the Battle For Bonneville

Ryan Reynolds

A few days ago, we learned that Ryan Reynolds was in talks to star in the dramedy THE VOICES.  I mentioned at the time that Ryan Reynolds was in need of a box office hit to get the taste of GREEN LANTERN out of peoples’ mouths.  Today, we learn that Ryan Reynolds and director Jon Favreau are looking to team up for a film and if there’s a director in need of a hit, it’s Favreau.  IRON MAN feels like a long time ago, especially after the travesty that was COWBOYS & ALIENS.  As much as I like Ryan Reynolds, I’m not sure he’s the one that can bring a director out of a slump, but Favs is hoping he can as the duo might team up for the true story, BATTLE FOR BONNEVILLE.

The story revolves around Art and Walt Arfons; brothers and lifelong drag racing rivals that team up to build a jet-powered cars to set the world speed record in the early 60’s.  The brothers were pioneers in the world of drag racing, with Walt even being the first to add a parachute to the car to slow it down.  Art Arfons is probably the more famous of the brothers and I’d assume that’s who Ryan Reynolds would be playing.  Unfortunately for Ryan Reynolds and Favreau, the racing theme might be played out by the time this gets in front of a camera with Chris Hemsworth’s RUSH and Zac Efron’s AT ANY PRICE hitting theaters soon.  True, BATTLE FOR BONNEVILLE will focus on a different type of racing, but I’m not sure audiences will care.  That said, we’re still a ways off from this starting since Ryan Reynolds has THE VOICES and QUEEN OF THE NIGHT lined up and Favreau has that JERSEY BOYS adaptation he’s been trying to get off the ground. (Deadline)

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