Ryan Reynolds and Julia Roberts are one of the many faces on the poster for Fireflies in the Garden

Posted by: Zack Bruce

There hasn’t been a lot of talk about FIREFLIES IN THE GARDEN which I find weird since there’s a good cast involved. Ryan Reynolds headlines with Julia Roberts, Willem Dafoe, Carrie Ann-Moss, Emily Watson, and Hayden Panettiere.

The film looks great but it’s hard to imagine that Julia Roberts is old enough to play Ryan Reynolds mom. It also seems like it will be fairly depressing. A poster for the film debuted showing the stellar cast with Reynolds photoshopped into some tall grass. The coloring seems off to me.

Synopsis: To an outsider, the Taylors are the very picture of the successful American family: Charles is a tenured professor on track to become university president, son Michael is a prolific and well-known romance novelist, daughter Ryne is poised to enter a prestigious law school, and on the day we are introduced to them, matriarch Lisa will graduate from college—decades after leaving to raise her children. But when a serious accident interrupts the celebration, the far more nuanced reality of this Midwestern family’s history and relationships come to light.

Fireflies in the Garden poster

Source: The Daily Blam

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