Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, Taylor Lautner and the best abs in movie history

by Lincee Ray

When I received the task to come up with a Top 10 list that consisted of Hollywood’s most impressive male abs, I committed right then and there to research relentlessly in order to form the perfect assembly of six packs for this assignment.  If it took hours upon hours to pour over images of gorgeous silver screen actors in order to narrow down the field to just 10 finalists, I was willing to sacrifice the time.

And of course, if this isn’t your cup of tea, you can also check out our list of the Ten Most Beautiful Women in Movie History.

It is without further adieu that I present to you said list:

Ryan Gosling, Daniel Craig and The Rock

10. Ryan Gosling – CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE: Anyone who has seen CRAZY STUPID LOVE understands why Ryan Gosling kicks off the list.  When he takes his shirt off I have to agree with his co-star Emma Stone who interjects, “Come on!  It’s like your photoshopped!”

9. Daniel Craig – CASINO ROYALE: Daniel Craig has been a welcome breath of fresh air into the James Bond franchise.  In CASINO ROYALE, there was a moment when he popped up out of the ocean wearing ice blue shorty shorts and slowly made his way to the beach.  That was when I decided that I like my 007 blonde and ripped.

8. The Rock – THE SCORPION KING: Of course I first noticed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a WWE wrestler back in the day.  I’m thrilled that his agents and managers convinced him to audition for movies like SCORPION KING and FAST 5.  Otherwise his handsome physique would never be displayed 70 feet in the air for all of us to ogle.

Matthew McConaughey, Chris Evans and Mark Wahlberg

7. Matthew McConaughey – FOOL’S GOLD: Mr. McConaughey is the resident poster child for notable abs.  Gossip magazines or websites will almost always have a few gratuitous shots of Matthew surfing or practicing yoga on the beach.  However, there are only a few of his movies that actually showcase his mighty mid-drift.  Might I suggest FOOL’S GOLD in which Matthew’s wardrobe is a pair of swim trunks and a smile?

6. Chris Evans – CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER: You may have heard of a little movie called CAPTAIN AMERICA which debuted this summer.  In both the movie and trailer, Steve Rogers transitions from gangly weakling to strapping, shirtless super soldier with patriotic charm in front of a group of government officials.  Peggy (his love interest) can’t help but reach out and touch his new, glistening, muscular body.  I totally get it and would have done the same thing had I been standing there.

5. Mark Wahlberg – THE FIGHTER: Four words:  Calvin Klein underwear billboard.  Yes, yes, I remember that this is a movie Top 10, but I had to get that image into your head so you could appreciate the fact that Mark Wahlberg is still abdominally gifted after an ad that was shot when he was 20 years old.  Two of my current favorites are THE FIGHTER and his scene stealing shirtless moment when he opens the door in DATE NIGHT.

Taylor Lautner, Brad Pitt and Gerard Butler

4. Taylor Lautner – THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON: Is it wrong for me to have Taylor so far down on my list?  Why don’t you search images for “Jacob Black” and TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON and then get back with me.

3. Brad Pitt – FIGHT CLUB: With a washboard reputation that rivals the great McConaughey, Brad Pitt had me at THELMA AND LOUISE and then again in TROY.  It’s almost unfair how pretty he is.

2. Gerard Butler – 300: I think that we can all agree that after Gerard Butler starred in 300, men became really interested in abdominal workouts and women became really interested in Spartan history.  Butler’s abs are about as epic as the movie if not more so.

Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity

1. Ryan Reynolds – BLADE TRINITY: AMITYVILLE HORROR, BLADE TRINITY or the infamous scene in THE PROPOSAL…all offer an array of different stages of Ryan Reynolds’ abdominal blessings.  I think I let out an audible shout when he was shirtless in GREEN LANTERN.  This guy is the total package with looks, humor, charm, smarts and abs that put washboards to shame.  Check out his photo shoot from Entertainment Weekly and say hello to my new screen saver.  Is that too much information?

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