Ryan Reynolds will do the Mississippi Grind with Ben Mendelsohn

Ryan Reynolds

I think of Ryan Reynolds as an A-list star, but when you stop and think about it, the guy has had a really bad career so far.  His misfires far out number his hits and it seems he’s the kiss of death to any major blockbuster.  It’s hard to fault the guy for his bad movies since most of them seem to have other, more severe issues than his performance.  But after a string of duds and some bad early reviews for this summer’s R.I.P.D., he might be better served going the indie route and focusing on his craft until a more surefire blockbuster comes along.  It seems that’s exactly what Ryan Reynolds is doing since most of the movies he’s lining up lately are a far cry from a summer blockbuster.  Next up for the versatile actor is the drama MISSISSIPPI GRIND with Ben Mendelsohn.

In the film, Mendelsohn will play a gambler facing a pile of debt that teams up with a gambling addict (Ryan Reynolds) to go on a long road trip through the South in hopes of winning back their debt.  Ryan Reynolds is replacing Jake Gyllenhaal, who was originally slated to play the gambling addict.  The film was written by HALF NELSON directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, who will also be directing.  Production is slated to start early next year. (Deadline)

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