Salma Hayek and Jose Mota to team up for As Luck Would Have It

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Poor Salma Hayek. She used to be one of the go to actress in Hollywood but it seems that all of her recent films have been flops in script (GROWN UPS) or at the box office. So she’s taking matters into her own hands and going to Spain to shoot a romantic comedy of sorts.  She will pair up with Spanish comedian Jose Mota for the film AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT.  The story follows a down on his luck guy (Mota) who has an accident in a public setting. When is unable to be transported to a medical facility, media start surrounding him to get his story and he sees this as an opportunity to cash in on his near death experience and get himself and wife (Hayek) out of a financial crisis.

The film will begin shooting later this month in Madrid with no word on a release date and since it could be considered a foreign film we don’t know whether or not it’ll get distribution in the U.S.

Salma Hayek and Jose Mota

Source: The Playlist

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