Sam Mendes will direct Bond 23 next year

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Kate Winslet, wife to Sam Mendes, has confirmed that if all goes as planned Mr. Mendes and the family will be moving to London this next year so he can begin shooting BOND 23. It’s not confirmed, but Mendes is seriously looking at casting Simon Russell Beale as the next James Bond.  Beale and Mendes have worked together before, albeit on stage, on productions of  Twelfth Night and The Winter’s Tale. The screenplay is still not yet completed and there is no word on when shooting will begin.

I’m sick of Bond films, there I said it.  I liked CASINO ROYALE but hated QUANTUM OF SOLACE with a firey passion so I’m kinda cool if they let the franchise rest for awhile.  Is it written somewhere on a sacred stone in LA that there needs to be a Bond film made every 3-5 years?  If so, please someone send me a picture of it so I can have some peace of mind.

sam mendes and kate winslet

Source: Daily Mail/The Playlist

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