Sam Worthington looking to join Arnold Schwarzenegger in the action film Ten

Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington has had an odd career so far.  After blasting into American theaters with big budget films like TERMINATOR SALVATION, AVATAR and CLASH OF THE TITANS (all within less than a year of each other), he’s spent time doing smaller films like THE DEBT, LAST NIGHT, TEXAS KILLING FIELDS and MAN ON A LEDGE.  What has to be frustrating for his fans is that his best work is in those smaller films, yet it seems no one gave them a chance.  I thought all of those four films were pretty good and I thought Sam Worthington did a great job in each of them.  But it doesn’t seem we can find the right balance of great Sam Worthington performance and successful film.

But next up for the Aussie actor is what might be a starring role opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in the action film TEN, from director David Ayer (STREET KINGS).  The film is about DEA task force that plans an elaborate raid on a cartel safe house, only to steal millions in cash.  The team thinks their secret is safe until someone starts assassinating the task force one by one.  There’s no word on exactly who will be playing what in the film, although it was originally thought Schwarzenegger would be playing the team’s leader.  If that’s true, then I would assume Worthington would be playing the guy doing/leading the assassinations.  I’m wondering if Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sam Worthington will spend their time between takes talking about time leading the Terminator franchise? (Variety)

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