Sam Worthington to do Last Days of American Crime

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

We just saw Sam Worthington in the new CLASH OF THE TITANS trailer, and now we get word of his next big-budget series, LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME.  The film is a futuristic story about the government’s plan to broadcast a signal that would prevent people from committing crimes.  The comic book is written by Rick Remender and is due to hit shelves in a three-part series next month.

I like Sam Worthington alright, but the guy is getting almost every big movie handed to him.  The guy is getting so much work, he’s having to turn down big roles like THE TOURIST (his role went to Johnny Depp).  Again, I like the guy, but I think Hollywood needs to cool off on him a little bit.  As it is, he’s going to be in 2-3 big movies a year for the foreseeable future.

Sam Worthington

Source: Variety

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