Sam Worthington to return for Clash of the Titans sequel

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I guess we can now add CLASH OF THE TITANS 2 to the list of sequels we don’t need.  But dollar signs are in the air and Warner Brothers is moving forward on a sequel to this April’s hit.  It’s believed that Sam Worthington and all of the original, surviving cast members will be returning for the sequel, but who won’t be returning is director Louis Leterrier.  Deadline broke the news and was careful to mention that the decision to not bring back Leterrier was mutual between him and the studio, but after suffering through his Titans, I can’t help but think WB feel they can do better.

Even though this is definitely a pointless sequel, it doesn’t mean it will automatically be horrible.  There are a lot of great storylines in ancient mythology that they can turn to and with a decent director and good screenwriter, they can make a good movie.  The question is whether or not they’ll take the time to make it right or rush it to the screen to capitalize off the original’s success.

Sam Worthington in Clash of the Titans

Source: Deadline

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