Samuel L. Jackson won't be reprising his role as Nick Fury for Iron Man 3

Samuel L. Jackson on the set of Captain America

The marketing campaign has started to kick into gear for IRON MAN 3 which will be our big summer blockbuster next summer. This morning we showed you some new images from the film, but now we have another interesting piece of news that though is a little sad, won’t really impact anything in the grand scheme of things. In a recent interview, Samuel L. Jackson mentioned that he would not be in the next IRON MAN film. He said,  “I think my next time as Nick Fury is in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. Because I’m not in IRON MAN 3. None of the Avengers are in IRON MAN 3. It’s a standalone IRON MAN movie.” Not too big of a deal, but it definitely makes you wonder what the Marvel clip at the end of the movie will actually be and who will be in it. Anyone want to take a guess?

Directed by Shane Black, IRON MAN 3 stars: Robert Downey, Jr. (Tony Stark/Iron Man), Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts), Rebecca Hall (Maya Hansen), Guy Pearce (Aldrich Killian), Ben Kingsley (The Mandarin), Don Cheadle (Lt. Col. James Rhodes/War Machine) and James Badge Dale (Eric Savin/Coldblood). IRON MAN 3 hits theaters on May 3rd, 2013. (MTV)

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