Sandra Bullock will voice the villain in the Despicable Me Minions spin-off

Sandra Bullock

DESPICABLE ME was a huge hit, basically setting up a steady paycheck for Steve Carell for the next several years.  And we know that whenever an animated movie is even moderately successful, there will be sequels and in some cases, spin-offs.  That brings us to MINIONS, which takes the best part of DESPICABLE ME and gives them their own movie.  Universal Pictures has hired Sandra Bullock to voice the main character in the movie, a villain by the name of Scarlet Overkill.

MINIONS will tell us the story of our favorite yellow helpers as we learn that Minions have actually been around throughout history, always teaming up with whoever happens to be the most despicable master at any given time.  In the movie, we follow a time before they met their current boss Gru, where the Minions encountered Scarlet Overkill, a slick and kick-ass super-villain bent on destroying the world.  Sandra Bullock can next be seen teaming up with Melissa McCarthy in the comedy THE HEAT, hitting theaters on June 28th. (Universal)

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