Sarah Jessica Parker and Marisa Tomei may team up for Married and Cheating

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

This is very preliminary news but Sarah Jessica Parker and Marisa Tomei are in talks to star in an upcoming comedy entitled MARRIED AND CHEATING. The film will be written and directed by Raymond De Felitta and follows three married couples in New York and Paris who are unhappy and will most likely find their happiness or fulfillment in other relationships. No word on when this will get off the ground as financing is still a problem.

Sarah Jessica Parker has most recently talked about how she thinks there needs to be another chapter in the SEX AND THE CITY franchise (which is a bad idea) and Marisa Tomei has pretty much been off the radar since her performance in THE WRESTLER. It’s too bad that both of these women, whom I think are both great actresses, seem to have a tough time finding decent roles in Hollywood. It’s sad that there aren’t enough really good roles written for actresses in the 35-50 age range.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Marisa Tomei

Source: Variety

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