Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling may team up for Gangster Squad

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Warner Bros. is planning on making a mobster film about Mickey Cohen, a former boxer turned gangster who was a charismatic kind of guy with a girl on each arm but with a temper that cost many innocents their lives. The studio has brought director Ruben Fleischer (ZOMBIELAND) on board and the role of Mickey has already been offered to Sean Penn. During the 1940’s a group of Los Angeles cops were tasked with taking down Cohen and other gangsters in the area and Ryan Gosling has been offered the role as one of these officers. The film is already been green lit and we’ll let you know when the actors have confirmed and when production will start.

I think mobster films are a popular Hollywood genre but there are only a handful of really good ones. I think Sean Penn is a perfect choice for this role and having a skilled actor like him on board gives this film a lot more potential than without him.

Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling

Source: Deadline

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