Sean Penn looking to direct Robert De Niro in The Comedian

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Originally, the film THE COMEDIAN was going to star Robert De Niro and be directed by Martin Scorsese and upon hearing that, everyone conjured up visions of THE KING OF COMEDY.  Although that film has its fans, I personally consider it Martin Scorsese’s worst film and one of the worst of the young De Niro.  Of course, he’s gone on to star in many more horrible films, but let’s just say I wasn’t looking forward to him playing another stand-up comic.  But it seems the rumors of Scorsese’s involvement were incorrect as now we have word that Sean Penn is going to helm the story of an aging insult comic said to be a cross between Don Rickles and Joan Rivers.  And I’m not sure if that brief description helps or hurts my impression of the film.

As for Penn, he turned heads as a director after a great turn with INTO THE WILD, but I’m not sure taking on an insult comic is going to give him the opportunity to use settings to tell his story like he did with Wild.  If everything goes as planned, the duo could start making the film early next year, although technically, neither have signed on yet.

Sean Penn

Source: NY Mag

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