Seth MacFarlane has been selected to host the Oscars

Seth MacFarlane

It looks like the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences learned their lesson with last year’s Oscar telecast in that people don’t want to see an aging, forgotten star host the show.  No offense to Billy Crystal (who has had a great career), but most of the young people today can’t name one of his movies.  And as much as I like comedians like Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin, I don’t think they appeal much to the younger generation either.  The Academy has tried to find younger talent, but the failure that was James Franco and Anne Hathaway still leaves a bad taste in their mouth.

To be fair, they’re in a very unenviable situation.  If they go with a young, popular comedian like, say, Daniel Tosh, they run the risk of the comedian using it to grab headlines and rip on everyone in the audience, which doesn’t go over very well.  So they had to find someone that young people find funny, but is willing to play the game the way the Academy wants it played.  And that person apparently is Seth MacFarlane.

It should be noted that I despise his animated TV show, ‘Family Guy’.  I find it to be an incoherent, unstructured series of one-liners that serve no purpose.  I know I’m in the minority there, but because of my distaste of his show, I’ve projected that distaste to Seth MacFarlane the man.  But he’s started to grow on me, most recently after he did a great job of hosting  Saturday Night Live a couple of weeks ago.    He seems like a genuinely funny guy that is comfortable in front of an audience; talents that should serve him well at the Oscars.

So what do you think?  Is Seth MacFarlane a good choice?  Can he be any worse than Crystal or the Franco-Hathaway pairing?

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