Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart to star in a buddy cop comedy

Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart

With the surprising success of 21 JUMP STREET, it’s only natural that Hollywood would try to jump on the genre and start greenlighting more buddy cop comedies of their own.  But it would be unfair to Seth Rogen if we were to accuse him of trying to ride the coattails of another movie, let alone another Judd Apotow disciple in Jonah Hill.  So I’m going to give Seth Rogen some credit and assume that the buddy cop comedy he’s working on will be much different and will have its own brand of humor, which will be quite different from any of the numerous attempts we’ve seen over the years at making the buddy cop genre humorous.  Just as long as Seth Rogen doesn’t get Brett Ratner to direct, I’ll be okay.

We know next to nothing about the film, only that it will star Seth Rogen and fellow 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN (they also appeared together in the TV series ‘Undeclared’) co-star Kevin Hart and will take place in a post WWII jazz scene with the duo trying to uncover a drug ring.  The idea is actually from writer Rodney Rothman (who also did writing work on their TV show) and supposedly, has been around for a few years.  Seth Rogen as a 1950’s era detective?  Now that’s something I’d like to see.  Leave it up to Seth Rogen to find an interesting twist on a tried and true genre.

Whenever you have a mixed race duo in a comedy, my fear is that the script will rely too heavily on race jokes.  Race jokes can be funny, but it’s a slippery slope when they become the focal point of your film.  But both Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart are hilarious in their own right, so seeing them team up in a period piece no less, should be a good time. (Variety)

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