Sharlto Copely will star in Elysium

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Sharlto Copely is re-teaming with his buddy Neil Blomkamp, they worked together on a little film last year called DISTRICT 9, ever heard of it? Director Neil Blomkamp is shopping around his script to all the studios and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The script is set sometime in the far future on some other planet and will be a mix of action and sociopolitical issues much like DISTRICT 9.  Blomkamp is even using a graphic novel in his pitches to the studios, very clever.  No other casting has been announced nor are there any dates of when filming will start but it is in the works and that’s what matters.

I was a big fan of DISTRICT 9 and spent many a night lying awake thinking about that movie and hope that ELYSIUM is just as thought-provoking. Even though Mr. Copely hasn’t done anything huge (besides THE A-TEAM), he’s one of those actors who appears to carefully choose his roles which usually equals longevity in Hollywood.

Sharlto Copely

Source: Deadline

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