Sherri Shepherd joins Katherine Heigl in One For The Money

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I haven’t seen one episode of ‘The View’, but every now and again one of them will say something ridiculous and I’ll watch a clip.  It seems like most of the ignorance in the show falls on Elizabeth Hasselbeck, but she’s probably just frustrated that her brother in-law can’t go two consecutive weeks without getting injured.  But anyway, Sherri Shepherd, who co-hosts ‘The View’, is set to star in the upcoming thriller ONE FOR THE MONEY.  In it, she will have “dual roles”, both of which are as a prostitute with a heart of gold.  As for what “dual roles” means, I’m not sure.  It could mean she’s playing two different characters or it could mean her character has two different personalities.

Julie Ann Robinson is directing the film which features Katherine Heigl as a bounty hunter that works for her slimy cousin’s bail bonds business.

Sherri Shepherd

Source: Variety

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