Shia LaBeouf, Robert Redford and Anna Kendrick star in The Company You Keep trailer

As Shia LaBeouf continues to put his TRANSFORMERS days behind him, I can’t help but be impressed with what I’ve seen from his upcoming slate of films.  The young actor has LAWLESS coming out this weekend, then he has THE COMPANY YOU KEEP, which debuted the first trailer that you can watch below.  Late next year, Shia LaBeouf has THE NECESSARY DEATH OF CHARLIE COUNTRYMAN, as well as just recently signing on to star in Lars Von Trier’s NYMPHOMANIAC.  I’m sure he’s relieved to finally be done fighting off giant, shape-shifting robots.  As for THE COMPANY YOU KEEP, it reminds me of some of the old school Robert Redford films like THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR, which is a very good thing.  Check it out below.

THE COMPANY YOU KEEP stars Shia LaBeouf, Robert Redford, Brit Marling, Anna Kendrick, Brendan Gleeson, Terence Howard, Sam Elliot, Stanley Tucci, Susan Sarandon, Nick Nolte and Chris Cooper. Although THE COMPANY YOU KEEP was shot last year and will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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