Shia LaBeouf set to star in The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Wunderkind Shia LaBeouf is set to take on another action/romance film with THE NECESSARY DEATH OF CHARLIE COUNTRYMAN.  In this one, he will play a normal guy that falls for a beautiful woman that happens to be “claimed” by a crime boss.  So he ends up enduring several beatings and then is finally confronted with death in order to save the girl of his dreams.  As of now, no one has been cast as the female lead, but Dante Ariola will be directing the film from a script by Matt Drake.

Shia often finds himself as a normal guy that’s forced into action-like circumstances, so this doesn’t seem too far away from his regular schtick.  It’ll be interesting to see who they cast as the female lead and has the head bad guy.  The only issue I have with the synopsis is that “he endures multiple beatings” makes it sound like he doesn’t fight back, which could drag the film down a little bit.  But Shia has the natural wit and charm to pull off this type of role.

Shia Labeouf

Source: ComingSoon

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