Shia LaBeouf talks about potential extras on Transformers: Dark of the Moon Blu-ray

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

If you’ve had the opportunity to see the latest Michael Bay extravaganza that is TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON, then you know that the director packed a lot of action into those 2.5 plus hours worth of film. What you may not know is that Mr. Bay cut quite a bit of stuff from his film according to his star Shia LaBeouf. Mr. LaBeouf states, “Because we’re 3-D, you’re shooting digital all the time. The beauty for us is, let’s say I’m doing a scene with [John] Malkovich or Frances [McDormand] or [Patrick] Dempsey or even Rosie [Huntington-Whiteley] — we’d just riff. You’ve got hours and hours of all that … where you’re just riffing and ad libbing and trying to come up with lines.” Does the thought of hours and hours worth of extras excite you? It does me! I’m all for Blu-ray extras, especially from Mr. Bay even if he does use scenes from other films…

What’s that you say? You haven’t heard the latest controversy surrounding the popular director. A friend sent me a link that has gone viral (thanks Adam) that shows a scene from THE ISLAND that looks disgustingly similar to one from TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON. I don’t mind recycling your film stock, but couldn’t you at least change the color of the cars Mr. Bay? Check out the video below from Jermain Oderman.

 Transformers Dark of the Moon

Source: MTV News

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