Shia LaBeouf to star in The Company You Keep for Robert Redford

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Shia LaBeouf takes a lot of heat for some of the stupid things he says, but frankly, I find his honesty and candor refreshing in this day and age of political correctness.  And he’s doing something right because Steven Spielberg has no problem casting him in movies and the consummate professional, Robert Redford has just cast him to star in his film THE COMPANY YOU KEEP.   The official press release:

Redford will direct from a script by Lem Dobbs (“Haywire,” “The Limey,” “Dark City”), based on the novel by Neil Gordon. “The Company You Keep” chronicles the story of a former Weather Underground militant wanted by the FBI for 30 years, who must go on the run when his true identity is exposed by a young, ambitious reporter hell-bent on making a name for himself. Redford plays the former radical at the center of this nationwide manhunt and LaBeouf, the determined journalist doggedly chasing him and his story. Producers are Robert Redford, Bill Holderman and Nicolas Chartier. Craig J. Flores is the Executive Producer.

“This is an edge-of-your-seat thriller about real Americans who stood for their beliefs, thinking they were patriots and defending their country’s ideals against their government.” said Voltage producer Nicolas Chartier. “It is absolutely amazing to have Shia LaBeouf, arguably the brightest young star in Hollywood today paired with the global icon Robert Redford.”

And even though we now associate him with the craziness of TRANSFORMERS, LaBeouf is actually a very talented actor.  So him and Redford should make a good team.  Of course, I said that about WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS and that  didn’t work out too well.

Shia LaBeouf

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