Sienna Miller joins Channing Tatum and Steve Carell in Foxcatcher

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is one of those actresses that I just can’t decide if I like her or not.  I’ve been impressed with her performances in movies like FACTORY GIRL and EDGE OF LOVE.  But she just doesn’t seem likeable to me.  Maybe it was the whole Jude Law scandal, or maybe it was her being the “other woman” when Balthazar Getty cheated, but even onscreen I don’t find her to be an easy actress to root for.  To be fair, maybe she just hasn’t had the role that people can relate to.  Maybe she’ll get her shot in the upcoming film FOXCATCHER, where she’ll play the wife of a man that kills an Olympic wrestler.

FOXCATCHER is the true story of John du Pont, who murdered Olympic wrestler David Schultz.  Du Pont was always eccentric and during his murder trial, it was revealed that he believed Schultz was part of a grand conspiracy to murder him.  The film is set to star Steve Carell as du Pont, Mark Ruffalo as Schultz and Channing Tatum as du Pont’s brother and of course Sienna Miller as du Pont’s wife.  The Bennett Miller directed film is should start production in late October. (Deadline)

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