Sisters Blu-ray Review

It’s been said that one of the best gifts a parent can give a child is a sibling, though anyone who has been forced to share a bathroom with a teenage sister may disagree. However, if you were lucky enough to get a sibling the same gender as yourself, you should count yourself truly blessed because it is truly one of the greatest gifts in the world. Thankfully, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have taken it upon themselves to show us how great a sister relationship can be in their latest film SISTERS.

Amy Poehler, Tina Fey in Sisters

Kate and Maura Ellis (Tina Fey and Amy Poehler) are the complete opposites in every way. Kate is irresponsible, has a child with a more level head than her mother and wanders through life with no thought of the next minute. Her sister, Maura, has a career, is divorced and has to plan every minute of her life. The one thing the sisters have in common is their attachment to their childhood home and the memories that go with it. When their parents call them down to Florida to clean out their room so the house can be placed on the market, the ladies decide to throw one last epic high school party and invite all their former classmates to end the era of their childhood.

Amy Poehler, Tina Fey in Sisters

It’s hard for Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler to do anything wrong in Hollywood. Their relationship, career and success is the epitome of what every woman wants in life and friendship. So when the film SISTERS came out in theaters, there was no question as to whether or not it was going to be successful, because those women are golden. Although it’s tough for everyone to relate to the wild parties in their youth, the basic premise of capturing the past one last time is something most everyone can relate to. Maura and Kate are two characters that have flaws that are extremely annoying, yet lovable at the same time so the audience can relate to their dilemma of losing the final grasp on their childhood and “the good ‘ol days”.

Amy Poehler, Tina Fey in Sisters

The only problem with SISTERS is that it felt like the film was almost trying too hard to be funny. The supporting characters were a little over the top and the whole party seemed a little too far-fetched for even a couple of crazy adults like Kate and Maura. Plus, is it really plausible to have all those adults in a house and destroying it so readily, even if they were on drugs and completely drunk out of their minds? I sure hope not, that’s a bit disturbing.

Aside from the over the top portions of the plot, SISTERS was a fun film that I can see myself pulling out and watching every so often because of Tina and Amy. Those two are such a phenomenal team I really wish they would just start a production company and put out a film starring themselves every year. I just can’t get enough of them and am looking forward to the next time I need a lighthearted film so I can pop this one into the Blu-ray player.


Video: Sisters is presented with a beautiful Blu-ray release.

Audio: The audio was fine.

Commentary with Director Jason Moore, Actress/Producer Tina Fey, Actress/Executive Producer Amy Poehler and Writer Paula Pell: A great commentary and a must listen to if you are fans of the film or Amy and Tina. The four give lots of details and anecdotes that make it well worth the listen.

Deleted Scenes and Extended Scenes: These are definitely worth watching and shouldn’t be missed.

Gag Reel (3:16): Nothing out of the ordinary, but still humorous.

The Improvorama (8:40) A funny add-on where the cast makes up lines on the fly.

How to Throw a Party (1:35): Some advice from the sisters on how to throw a bash.

Grown-Up Parties Suck (5:19): Montage of moments from a dull party.

The Alex Chronicles (2:52) Outtakes featuring Bobby Moynihan

The Kate and Pazuzu Chronicles (2:04) Outtakes featuring Tina Fey and John Cena

A Teen Movie…For Adults (10:25): A short making of feature featuring clips from the cast and crew.

The Original Sister (6:41): An interesting bit featuring Writer Paula Pell and her sister Patti, as they talk about their real life relationship and their inspirations for the film.

Pool Collapse VFX (0:51): A quick look at the pool sink hole scene.


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