Social Network screenwriter Aaron Sorkin might do the Steve Jobs film

Posted by:Zack Bruce

Aaron Sorkin is an amazing screenwriter so it’s no wonder that he’s also one of the most wanted in Hollywood. With recent great scripts like the ones for THE SOCIAL NETWORK and MONEYBALL, the guy can literally pick and choose which projects he wants to do. One that he might end up penning is the biopic for the late Steve Jobs.

Sorkin had this to say on the possibility, “Sony has asked me to write the movie and it’s something I’m strongly considering.” The writer says that he’s still giving it some great thought but knows that it will be a good movie no matter who takes it on. The content comes from Walter Isaacson’s recently biography on the Apple co-founder. The first week the book was released it sold 379,000 copies. I’m not really surprised by this in the least.

The writer is still reading the biography but he did share his casting choices: Ashton Kutcher, Andrew Garfield or Shia LeBeouf for young Jobs, and Keanu Reeves, Ralph Fiennes or Noah Wyle for older Jobs. Wyle already played Jobs in THE PIRATES OF SILICON VALLEY and did an excellent job. I just don’t think that they would consider him for a part he’s already played.

Aaron Sorkin

Source: THR

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