Stanley Tucci and Billy Nighy to star in Jack the Giant Killer

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Stanley Tucci and Bill Nighy have been cast in the upcoming film JACK THE GIANT KILLER which will be directed by Bryan Singer. The story is a version of the famous story Jack and the Beanstalk where giants and humans become at war when the giants capture the kingdom’s princess.  It will feature Tucci playing Roderick, the villain and advisor to the king of Cloister and Nighy will play Fallon, leader of the giants. The title character of Jack has yet to be cast but expect that to come very shortly. No word on when shooting will start.

Gee, another fairy tale adaptation– I’m shocked. Oh well, I guess I should just be thankful it’s not Snow White or some other princess driven story, at least Jack and the Beanstalk was an interesting tale. The studio better rush this before fairy tale films are a thing of the past.

Stanley Tucci and Bill Nighy

Source: The Wrap

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