Star Wars: Episode VII is already predicted to make $1.2 billion

Star Wars 1.2 billion

Even though STAR WARS: EPISODE VII is still two years away from hitting theaters, it’s never too early to predict how much money the film will bring in. Regardless of how you feel about the franchise, the fact remains that the films are going to make a ton of cash, not only at the box office, but in merchandising and home video sales. If anything, I’m surprised fans haven’t already started lining up. Credit Suisse’s Michael Senn claims that the first film is predicted to haul in $1.2 billion at the box office with an estimated $723 million in pure profit. Sound insane? Well, keep in mind that the $1.2 billion is only for one film and in my opinion, that estimate is conservative. If the film is horrible (or on par with the prequels), then that might be a safe bet. But if the film is amazing and J.J. Abrams nails it, fanboys will fill the theaters every weekend and it might easily hit $1.5 billion.

This is good news for Disney, who many predicted would be reeling from the horrible showing of THE LONE RANGER. Typically, a bomb like that will drive down the stock price of a publicly traded studio. But the prediction from Credit Suisse came out earlier today, which more than offset any negativity from THE LONE RANGER and actually led to an increase in the stock price. So Disney might not be the powerhouse in original cinema anymore, but between Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars, they have enough franchises to keep them dominating the competition for the next few decades. (Variety)

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