Star Wars: Episode VII might be adding Breaking Bad's Jesse Plemons

Jesse Plemons

As always, take everything you hear about STAR WARS: EPISODE VII with a grain of salt until someone at LucasFilm or Disney make an official announcement.  But with that in mind, “reliable sources” claim that Todd from ‘Breaking Bad’ is close to landing a lead role in the upcoming trilogy.  Supposedly, he wowed J.J. Abrams and company with an audition tape and they’ve asked him to come back for another meeting, with a deal supposedly coming soon.  Of course, there’s no mention as to what role he’d be playing, but everything we’ve heard so far points to the “leads” being the children of Luke, Han and Leia.  And since Plemons does kind of look like a young Mark Hamill, we can presume that he’d be Luke’s son.  But again, that’s pure speculation at this point.  For all we know, he could be playing Chewbacca’s kid.

Although his character was a sleazebag, I couldn’t help but like Todd on ‘Breaking Bad’, thanks in large part to Jesse Plemons’ likeability.  He reminds me of Matt Damon in looks and natural charm.  He’s been good in the small parts he’s had in movies like THE MASTER and OBSERVE AND REPORT.  But since we don’t know what role he’d be playing or what will be asked of that character, we shouldn’t make any snap judgments one way or the other.  That said, let’s hope we get some sort of official announcement about something Star Wars related soon.  For now, all we know is that J.J. Abrams is directing and that he and Lawrence Kasdan have taken over script duties from Michael Arndt.  (TheWrap)

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