Star Wars Episode VII rumor update; Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher all returning?

Star Wars

I don’t know if we should classify this as a “rumor” or just an update on speculation.  When it was first announced that STAR WARS: EPISODE VII was going to happen, the world immediately assumed that the big three of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill would be returning as Han Solo, Leia and Luke Skywalker respectively.  But updates from Kathleen Kennedy and Disney have been so few and far between since the original announcement that we haven’t gotten confirmation from anyone on anything other than the official news that J.J. Abams was directing Episode VII.  But we do have a tasty rumor to chew on.

Supposedly, it’s all but official that Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are returning for the new films and the story will focus on their children.  Showbiz 411 brings us this news, claiming they know everything and they seem upset they’re even reporting it, but this is the closest thing we have to confirmation that the story would go in a similar direction that the novels went.  Writer Lawrence Kasdan said they won’t follow the novels, which we all hope is true since we don’t want to establish new characters only to have all of them killed off (most of the kids in the novels end up dying).  I don’t consider Showbiz 411 the most reliable of sources, but the news jives with what we’ve heard so far and it makes sense given the Star Wars universe.  If they want to keep some sort of ties to the original Star Wars trilogy, then focusing on their kids seems like the most obvious choice.

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