Star Wars: Episode VII will officially be written by Michael Arndt

Star Wars: Episode VII will be written by Michael Arndt

When it comes to STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, we’ve had rumors about who will write, who will direct and who will be starring in the films, as well as what they’ll be about.  But until now, we haven’t had any confirmation from Disney or Lucasfilm about anything other than the fact that yes, they are making a new trilogy.  The good news is that not only have they found a writer, they’ve also started pre-production.  Michael Arndt was rumored to have written a 50 page treatment for the film a couple of days ago and today on, it was confirmed that he’ll be writing the entire screenplay.  Arndt is an interesting choice, haven written TOY STORY 3, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE (which he won an Oscar for) and the upcoming OBLIVION and THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE.  So needless to say, the guy has some serious range and a nice resume under his belt.

Aside from his talent, what makes this news spectacular for us Star Wars geeks is that he’s also one of us.  Michael Arndt is a known Star Wars fanatic and has even spoken at length about the brilliance and intricacies of A NEW HOPE.  Hiring someone that loves what they do and appreciates the story is the first step in making these films spectacular.  The other interesting tidbit is that they’ve already started pre-production on Episode 7, which tells me they might be further along with the director search than they’ve let on.  Only time will tell, but with a 2015 release date, they don’t have too much to waste.

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