Star Wars rumor of the day: Matthew Vaughn in talks to direct Episode 7

Matthew Vaughn

At any given time, there are hundreds of rumors floating around Hollywood.  The trick is to sift through the blatant lies and try to find the ones that are based on some sort of fact.  But when it comes to Star Wars, “facts” and “rumors” tread a very fine line.  But ever since the announcement that Disney had bought Lucasfilm and announced a new Star Wars movie in 2015, rumors have been running rampant over who will direct and who will star in the new films.  The latter of which is under some sort of time constraint since we have less than three years before the movie hits theaters and Star Wars films involve an abnormal amount of pre and post production given the grand scale.

That means that until we get an official announcement (which I suspect will be soon), we’re going to get dozens of rumors.  With that in mind, the latest rumor is that Matthew Vaughn is in talks to direct STAR WARS: EPISODE VII.  The logic is that the Star Wars films are the reason he had to drop out of X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and that they’re the rumored “science fiction” film he was supposedly developing.

For now, consider this an unreliable rumor at best.  But conspiracy theorists should get a kick out of the reasoning.  Personally, if it were true, Vaughn would be a great choice.  I was amazed with what he was able to do with X-MEN: FIRST CLASS and his other directorial efforts, LAYER CAKE and KICK-ASS were also impressive.  I think he’d add a fresh take on Star Wars and could revitalize the whole franchise and it helps that he’s also a writer.  I know fans have been dreaming of Christopher Nolan or David Fincher, but they’re never going to do it.  Matthew Vaughn seems to be a good (and realistic) choice.  Obviously, this story is going to go on for months, so be prepared for more rumors until Disney makes an official announcement.  (Collider)

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