Star Wars rumor of the day; Yoda might get his own movie

Star Wars - Yoda

The one thing that we can count on when it comes to Star Wars is that no one knows what’s going on.  At least no one outside of Kathleen Kennedy’s close circle.  So whenever you hear or read “Star Wars” followed closely by “rumor”, then please take it with a grain of salt.  Don’t believe anything until it comes straight from the horse’s mouth.  With that in mind, the newest rumor sweeping the internet is that Yoda himself is going to be the first of many Star Wars characters to get their own standalone movie.  Harry at AICN rants and rambles about various things, but the takeaway is that Disney wants a lot of Star Wars movies and one way to do that is to give characters their own movies.

This is one of the pitfalls I cautioned against when it was first announced that Disney had bought Lucasfilm.  I just had this feeling that they were going to over saturate the Star Wars market and we’d be slammed with worthless Star Wars movies for the next 20 years.  But Disney has to pay the bills somehow.  I’m also not too keen on revisiting a character like Yoda, which would mean doing another prequel.

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