Stephen Baldwin to make Oil Documentary

Posted by: Nathan Swank

It did not take long for someone to decide to do a documentary on oil drilling after the terrible occurrence in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s just odd that the one to take action happened to be a Baldwin brother and I’m not talking about Alec. Stephen Baldwin has decided to take some time off from doing celebrity reality shows and work on a documentary called THE WILL TO DRILL. The film will focus on the current oil spill and it’s impact on the people and economy of the U.S. Gulf Coast.

The BIO-DOME star has lined up some impressive help. Paul Cohen (THE COVE) will associate produce and Kevin Costner, a strong supporter and inventor of the Costner Oil Separator, is being eyed to narrate. As the youngest Baldwin brother, Stephen has always seemed a bit scatter brained. Lets hope he can focus in and make a powerful documentary.

stephen baldwin

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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