Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning in Sofia Coppola's Somewhere trailer

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I think it’s safe to say that Sofia Coppola has ascended to a level where her projects are worthy of getting excited, even before you see the trailer.  Yes, MARIE ANTOINETTE was pretty bad, but not everyone can be perfect.  VIRGIN SUICIDES and of course, LOST IN TRANSLATION were great.  I also really love that she writes her own stuff.  Her next film, SOMEWHERE, definitely has a LOST IN TRANSLATION vibe to it with the whole celebrity with a real person relationship theme.  This time, it’s about a mega-Hollywood star that reevaluates his life when his 11 year-old daughter comes to live with him.

For me, the most surprising thing about this was Stephen Dorff.  It looks like he gives an Oscar-type performance here and who knew he had it in him?  Elle Fanning also stars in the film that’s due to hit theaters on December 22nd.

Watch the trailer here.

Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning in Somewhere

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