Stephen Dorff and Maria Bello team for Carjacked

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

A few years ago, I would have told you that Stephen Dorff was done.  He hadn’t exactly had a great career at any point, but after suffering through a handful of B-movies and some lackluster performances, I was convinced he was going to be flipping burgers in Idaho somewhere by now.  But with an extremely impressive-looking performance in Sofia Coppola’s SOMEWHERE and a starring role in IMMORTALS, I’m now thinking he’s going to be pushing the A-list edge here pretty soon.  That’s a pretty good career turnaround.

Up next for Dorff is the thriller CARJACKED in which he’ll play a bank robber that carjacks a vehicle driven by a mother and her child and he refuses to let them go.  Maria Bello will play the mother.  As long as this doesn’t turn into 1994’s THE CHASE, I think we should be okay.  The script was written by Sherry and Michael Compton and Peter Medak will be directing.

Stephen Dorff

Source: Variety

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