Stephen Dorff and Michelle Monaghan set for Boot Tracks

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Poor Stephen Dorff.  He’s been on the cusp of stardom for some time now and just when you think he’s going to break through, something goes wrong.  Nowadays, I can’t look at him without thinking about SOMEWHERE and I can’t think of SOMEWHERE without getting angry at how horrible a film it was.  But Dorff is better in faster paced roles and so the film BOOT TRACKS should be a welcome boost to the actor.  In it, he’ll play an ex-con that teams up with a former porn star to get revenge on some peeps that wronged him in the past.  Michelle Monaghan will play the porn star while Ray Winstone will play a former prison buddy.

The lead role was originally slated to go to Matt Dillon, but he dropped out for undisclosed reasons.  David Jacobson will be directing the film, who last directed DOWN IN THE VALLEY.

Stephen Dorff

Source: Variety

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